Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media & Mental Health is designed for folks who currently use social media in some capacity.  

This course was developed by people who shared their personal experiences of social media
and how it has impacted them. We thank the youth & students at Foundry Kelowna,
and Peers at CMHA Kelowna who helped to create Social Media & Mental Health. 

Check out below what to expect from the course and join in to support yourself!

What to expect:

  • 9 work-at-your-own-pace modules
  • The course will involve reading, videos, activities, and discussion boards
  • Estimated a total of X amount of time to complete the full course
  • No prior knowledge is needed  

Learning Opportunities:

  • Understanding what social media is and why it can draw us in.
  • Reflect on how we currently feel about how we interact with social media.
  • Recognize that social media is multi-faceted and not ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
  • Discover social media and its correlations with mental health.
  • Consider if we compare ourselves to others on social media & how that affects mental health.
  • Learn about sleep hygiene, mental health safety online, and social media mindfulness.
  • Build concrete tools to support ourselves with social media use.
  • Develop personalized goals to focus on what you want to support your mental health and social media use.