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About "What Really Works?"

What is 'What Really Works?'

‘What Really Works?’ is a mental health podcast for young people. We remove the ‘clinical’ jargon and chat honestly about our experiences and what we’ve found to work in our lives in a down-to-earth way. You can expect to hear all about the good and bad we’re experiencing, as well as some tools and tricks we can use to support our mental health and well-being right now and in the long term.
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Who Are The Hosts?

‘What Really Works?’ is hosted by Olivia and Beki. They are both in their twenties (handy since the podcast is tailored for young people) and want to create open conversations about mental health!

Olivia (she/her) - On the left
Olivia is the Peer Program and Practice Lead at CMHA Kelowna. Olivia shares her personal knowledge and experience of mental health and supporting other’s. You’ll also hear her love for hiking and sarcasm in the episodes.

Beki (she/her) - On the right
Beki is the Discovery College Lead at CMHA Kelowna. Beki shares her learned knowledge about well-being in episodes. If you listen carefully you’ll notice it’s not an Australian accent you’re hearing, but a British one!
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What Topics Do You Discuss?

On ‘What Really Works?’ we chat about all things that can impact our mental health. So we have episodes on topics such as anxiety, body image, and burnout.

But we also discuss topics that might not come straight to our mind when we think about mental health, including procrastination, rejection, and people-pleasing (just to name a few)!
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Listening to  'What Really Works?'

‘What Really Works?’ release a podcast episode bi-weekly and can be found on most podcast streaming platforms. You can also check out our episodes here!

While we say ‘What Really Works?’ is a podcast for young people, you really can be any age to listen! We’ve had listeners from all different ages tell us they enjoy our episodes and find them supportive.
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Podcast Resources

For some of our ‘What Really Works?’ episodes, we create a resources page for extra support related to the topic we’ve spoken about. Any episode that these are created for, we’ll mention it during the podcast.You can find the PDFs for the episode resource pages below:
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